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Traditional WC Tools

Traditional Window Cleaning Equipment

We are pleased to introduce our Trident range of traditional equipment featuring Italian design and quality without the Euro cost.


Trident Squeegees
Our Trident range have a longer handle which is more comfortable in hand, soft rubbers feature with stainless steel channels. Buy one handle and the blades of your choice.

35CM ( Most popular) complete tool R147.00
25 cm for those smaller windows complete tool R134.00
45cm for the larger glass area (shop fronts etc) complete tool R162.00
Prices Exclude Vat


35 & 45 cm washers
Microfibre washer for soaping the window prior to squeeging. Detachable and machine washable

35cm T bar and washer R103.00
45cmT bar and washer R128.00
35cm washer only R84.00
45cm washer only R101.00

Prices Exclude Vat


Trident Telepoles
Presently available in 3 sizes, these aluminium telescopic poles allow for high reach cleaning eliminating ladders and scaffolding.

0.7 x 0.7m Telepole perfect for those higher than normal sliding doors R153.00
3.0 x 1.5m 3 sections Telepole R462.00
3.0 x 2.0m 3 sections Telepole R599.00

Adjustable end cone for those problem areas R61.00

Prices Exclude VAT


1 x Tele pole 0.7 x 0.7 Ideal for reaching up to 3.5 mtr
1 x 35cm Trident squeegee interchangeable (soft rubber)
1 x 35cm microfiber applicator
Price R403.00 including Telepole Ex vat
Price without Telepole R250.00. Ex vat

Courier delivery country wide from R60.00


Trident Scrapers
Available in two sizes

2 inch R97.00 + Vat includes 20 blades

6 inch R88.00 + Vat