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Water Fed Pole Equipment

Water Fed Pole Equipment

Your one stop shop for water fed pole (WFP) window cleaning equipment. We can supply you with equipment for installation into a vehicle, trailer or as stand alone/portable unit.

Our WFP systems will allow a stress-free approach to cleaning high-level windows and signage. Whilst providing safety for your operatives.

They allow your operatives to clean more windows for each hour of work which greatly increases your earning potential.

We will discuss and consider all your individual needs, such as:

  • How you will purify water.
  • What size & type of poles you will need.
  • The size of pumps, tank & hoses you require.
  • The flexibility you need in terms of either a vehicle or trailer based system.
  • These and many more issues will be covered, to ensure you walk away with a tailor made system that fits your business needs.

The Complete System

The Complete System

Window Gleams locally assembled units, available in 250, 360 and 500 litre. On site filling facility so you are never short of water.


WG500, 250 and 360 FAST FILL systems


  • 40/40 HYDRAUNAUTICS Reverse Osmosis purification unit. The engine of your business, these American units produce up to 3000 litres of water per day. Excelent for on site filling.
  • MOUNTING CHASSIS powder coated, and essential for safety
  • PROPUMP 100 PSI 12 volt pumps
  •  MEANSTREAM digital controller
  • METAL HOSE REELS powder coated and heavy duty
  • MINIBORE HOSE non kink and long lasting


  • NO EXPENSIVE RESIN required due to high quality water production
  • NO 1000 LTR STATIC tanks or submersible pump required to store and transfer water to vehicles
  • LONG LIFE MEMBRANE of up to 2 years

WG2501 R24082.00
WG2502 R31029.00
WG5001 R26254.00
WG5002 R32085.00

WG3602 R34179.00 (available as a one man unit)

Prices Exclude Vat

Window Gleam do not inflate prices and then offer a discount,  prices featured on this site are correct as of 1st January 2018


Brushes & Goosenecks


The Super-Lite® Brush Dual-Trim – Stiff Bristles

Super-Lite_DT_Red_Master Superior mono-filament, full flock, micro-variation bristles on a lightweight two-piece stock. Our brush of choice for standard window cleaning where greater scrubbing is needed or for rinsing with the brush on the glass.
Comes fitted with pencil jets, tube & ‘Y’ piece.
Bristle Stiffness = soft/Medium

R776.00 Excluding Vat


The Super-Lite® Brush Dual-Trim Original Flocked 0 Degree Splay

Super-Lite_Flocked_00deg_Master This version features a 0 degree bristle splay as featured on our very first flocked brush which some clients prefer. This offers a much more compact footprint than our standard model.
Semi-flocked, dual trim, micro-variation bristles
Lightweight two-piece stock – 250g – 260mm wide
Maximum efficiency with maximum speed on the job
Up to 42% lighter and 30% faster than equivalent brushes
Ideal for regular maintenance cleans
Manufactured for longevity – Comes fitted with pencil jets, tube & ‘Y’ piece.
Bristle Stiffness = Soft




Resi-Neck™ Quick-Release Type 1

Resi-Neck_Type1_std_Master This features a quick release shaft for fitting to all of the Gardiner quick release poles. It also has a lever-adjustable angle of neck.

R139.00 Excluding Vat DICONTINUED



Resi-Neck Type 2

Resi-Neck_Type2_std_Master This has a female screw-on fitting to fit poles such as the CLX & X-Tel range. It also has a lever-adjustable angle of neck.

R139.00 Excluding Vat


Super-Lite® Carbon Fibre Quick-Release Gooseneck

Carbon_gooseneck_Flocked_15deg_combo_Master World’s Finest WFP Goosenecks – NEW Super-Lite® Goosenecks

Made from amazingly strong and light carbon-fibre. These goosenecks allow a Super-Lite® brush to be screwed directly on to the gooseneck and then quickly fitted to our new quick-release pole fittings. Change brush & gooseneck combinations in seconds with no tools needed. Each size has the optimum angle for perfect bristle on glass placement at each depth. We recommend the use of the Super-Lite® Xtreme brushes on the Deep-Reach gooseneck for ease of use. Each Gooseneck comes complete with hose, T-connector, John Guest quick coupling & fixing screws The standard size is lighter than a plastic adjustable gooseneck (55g v 62g) and yet is virtually unbreakable – Carbon-Weave finish using Formula1 technology.

Standard – 10″ Reach – 55g – R656.00
Medium – 14″ Reach – 65g – R743.00

Hoses & Reels

Hose and Reels

Lightweight Minibore™ Reinforced Hose 8mm ID

Thermobore_Reel_Master MINROBORE™

Y clear twin re-inforced construction 12mm outer diameter 8mm inner diameter

LIGHT – equals less fatigue whilst working

STRONG – virtually indestructible in normal use

FLEXIBLE – retains full flexibilty even in extreme conditions

ANTI-KINK – resists water shut-off even when folded over tight – Reduce your work fatigue and time on the job. Also helps regulate water flow so you do not waste as much! This alone can save you up to half an hour a day over regular hose pipe. It doesn’t kink or get caught up as much and you can carry twice as much length on your hose reels. We supply a range of professional fittings to attach to this or adapters to use regular fittings with this product.

50m R543.00 Exclusding Vat
100m R1085.00 Excluding Vat


Premium Lightweight Metal Freestanding Hose Reel 

  • Easily holds 100 metres of minibore (8mm ID)
  • Suitable for left or right hand reeling
  • Comes in a kit for easy tool-free assembly (10 mins)
  • 3.0kg in weight

Has male hose connection in centre for standard garden hose connector

Reel R1284.00 Excluding Vat




Trident-Water-fed-poles1-169x300 We are pleased to introduce our Trident range of Water fed poles to the South African market. Tried and tested over a 6 month period these are the best poles we have ever experienced in 10 years of being in this business. The new clamping system is by far the best we have ever used and are more robust than other clamps on the market.

  • Excellent clamping system with adjustable levers
  • Heavy duty compared to other poles on the market
  • Telescopic removable sections for weight decrease
  • Available in 4 sizes and composites
  • 12” Dual trim brush medium  bristles
  • 2 x Pencil Jets
  • Pole hose and hoselok connector included

Trident20 (7.0m reach) 30% CF R3406.00 Ex Vat

Trident25 (8.2m reach) 30% CF R3788.00 Ex Vat

Trident30 (10.0m reach) 60% CF R5812.00 Ex Vat

Trident35 (11.00m reach) 100% CF R9388.00 Ex Vat OUT OF STOCK



Please note that Window Gleam will not be stocking the Modulite pole in future, the pole is extremely lite but we are finding it is not robust enough for the South Africa market. Spares will be available for a few months and will only be available in mid- February.

We are presently in the progress of designing a unique Modular pole that will be a world first in how it is assembled. It will however be heavier than the Modulite but we want to guarantee that it will serve our customers well and protect their investment.

We will in a few weeks also have stock of our new Trident 45ft Telescopic manufactured from High Modulas 30T carbon fiber.
To book a demo or loan of the pole please contact T&C apply.


WG 45 MODULITE 100% High modulas carbon

Superlite_multiple Still the lightest modular pole ever produced and so easy to assemble and operate.

  • 8 section Pole reaches 14.5 mt (4 storey building)
  • 2.2 kgs
  • Light weight dual trim brush
  • Aluminium gooseneck
  • Canvas holdall

contact us for pricing

Pumps & Controllers

Pumps and Controllers


Copy-of-chinese-pump-300x169 R1093.00 Excluding VAT



image3 The Varistream is designed to take the place of any pressure switch or bypass valves on the standard 12v DC water fed pole pumps.

By eliminating these components the Varistream takes full control of the flow from the pump and will ensure the pump operates as a demand pump- turning the pump on when the operator connects his water fed pole to the system and shutting off the pump again when pole is disconnected.

R2455.00 Excluding Vat NO STOCK


Liquid Logic Controller

LiquidLogic_V11_TDS_1000-300x300 R2352.00 Excluding Vat

The Trident DI System




  1. Connect water hose to household tap and pole
  2. Angle brush so brush will be flat on glass service
  3. Extend pole to comfortable height
  4. Turn on water and wash high windows and frames
  5. Repeat on all high windows in one area


  1. Connect household water hose to Trident vessel inlet
  2. Connect supplied hose to vessel outlet and pole hose
  3. Reduce water pressure to approx. 2 litres per minute, this will prolong the life of the resin
  4. Brush windows & frames and then rinse
  5. Leave to dry and you have spot free sparkling windows


  • 1 x Spotlite or similar water fed pole with dual trim brush, angle adaptor and connector reaching 7.0m, other heights available
  • 1 x 11 Litre vessel (Eleven)
  • 1 TDS water tester for checking vessel water
  • 1 x 8.0m vessel/pole hose


The 11-litre vessel is the largest and most compact unit on the market and will produce approx. 2300 litres of purified water in most parts of South Africa before the resin is exhausted and requires changing.

Refilling is an easy task, simply unscrew the neck disregard the resin, wash and refill.

For orders please call 087 701 3598, Mobile 076 523 0348 or email

Windowgleam Trollies

Window Gleam Trolley

Window Gleam 25 litre trolley Our locally built trolleys are the perfect solutuion for cleaning those high windows. They are specificaly designed to be used by small Cleaning companies, Garden services, Body corporates, Hotels & Guest houses. Please call us for an onsite demonstration or visit our workshop in Kyasands Randburg

  • Polycarbonate wheels
  • Holds 25 litre containers
  • Reverse Osmosis or De-ionisation purification
  • 100 psi pump
  • Meanstream pump controller
  • Sealed 12 amp battery
  • 4 /5 hour working time from each charge
  • 20 meters non kink microbore hose

Di purification 12 volt R10871.00

RO purification 12 volt R12081.00

Trolley only 12 volt no controller R5242.00

Pole options available from R1880.00

Prices exclude VAT

WindowGleam DI-TR Trolley

Our new DI-TR trolley unit is the perfect choice for executing high external windows from ground level easily and efficiently.

This compact trolley contains a water purification vessel, high quality water fed pole, and full set of traditional tools.


  • Powder coated trolley
  • 2 x storage boxes
  • Di water purification vessel (15 Litre of mixed bed resin)
  • Trident 20 pole 30% carbon with brush and hose reaching 7.0m
  • 20m of reinforced hose
  • TDS meter for checking water quality


  • 25,35,45cm stainless steel channels and rubbers
  • 2 x quick release handles
  • 35,45cm microfibre applicators
  • Telepole 3 x 1.5 m
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • Scraper and blades


Window Gleam Solutions require highly motivated individuals to operate in most areas of Gauteng This is a great opportunity to earn a passive and steady income from a constantly requested service.

For more information please mail Colin Yates or call him on 0765230348

WG Trailer Unit


Our compact WG Trailer are ideal for transporting our Complete units, they give you the flexibility for working at small properties and commercial developments.

  • Rubberised floor
  • Chromadek side and top panels
  • 950kg un-braked axle
  • Side and back opening doors
  • Fully assembled and ready to drive away
  • Pole carriers and additional shelving on request
  • POA

Contact Colin on 0765230348 or for any further information email

Head office 011 465 6829