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Our TRIDENT poles presently come in 4 heights and are supplied with Dual trim brush, with pencil jets, adjustable neck, hose, connector and V2 adjustable clamps. Trident poles are light, ridged and durable and the best on the market.

Please note that the 35 and 45 models are versatile and allow for sections removal decreasing the weight, ideal for doing constant lower work  



The Trident 20 telescopic Hybrid pole with 50% carbon content weight 1.7kg reaches 7.0m
R3170.00 in stock

The Trident 25 telescopic Hybrid pole with 50% carbon content weight 2.1kg reaches 8.2m
R3406.00 in stock

The Trident 35 telescopic 100% carbon 30T HM carbon weight 2.6kg reaches 11.2m
R8950.00 in stock

The Trident 45 telescopic 100% 30/40T HM carbon weight 3.4kg reaches 14.3m
R14181.00 in stock

The Trident 45 telescopic 100% 46T HM carbon weight 2.6kg reaches 14.3m order only
approx. R21000.00


Prices exclude vat




11″ Spotlite Double trim brush with pencil jets


Ultra light quality brush, only 350g!

Supplied with pencil jets but with holes for fitting fan jets too

R813.00 plus vat

Resi-Neck Type 2



This has a female screw-on fitting to fit poles such as the CLX & X-Tel range. It also has a lever-adjustable angle of neck.

R139.00 Excluding Vat



Hoses & Reels

Lightweight Metal Freestanding Hose Reel



  • Easily holds 100 metres of minibore (8mm ID)
  • Suitable for left or right hand reeling
  • Comes in a kit for easy tool-free assembly (10 mins)
  • 3.0kg in weight

Has male hose connection in centre for standard garden hose connector

Reel R1390.00 Excluding Vat







12 volt, 5LPM, self-priming

R1093.00 Excluding VAT




Variflo+ V11 Analogue Pump Controller


Analogue dial for simplicity and ease of use.

Combine the pin-point control required for today’s cleaning systems.

Suitable for all delivery pumps and will work with any size microbore.

The unit is supplied with a kit of wires, connectors, fuse, fuse holder and instructions.

R2203.00 plus vat