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Established in 2007 Window Gleam Solutions, provide a professional window cleaning service for all sectors of the market, which include residential, commercial and retail properties.

Our coverage area encompasses eleven zones throughout greater Johannesburg and Midrand. External cleaning is executed mainly by the Water Fed Pole, purified water method. Up to four storey level windows are cleaned from the ground using the latest in carbon fibre water fed poles. Internal work is undertaken by the more traditional method, using squeegees and any required accessories.

Properties such as apartments, with multiple external windows are serviced by Window Gleam Solutions teams. Free standing properties ranging from 150m/2 to 1400m/2 are serviced at rates based on duration for completion rather than by volume of the glass.

Window Gleam Solutions are extremely proud of the company’s safety record from when the company started in 2007 up until today, with zero incidents having occurred requiring Workman’s Compensation or insurance claims.

The company introduced the Water Fed Pole concept to South Africa in 2006. This followed extensive research over a 6 month period involving hands-on, face-to-face interaction with industry participants in the United Kingdom. This proved to be invaluable in terms of the start-up of Window Gleam Solutions business here in South Africa.

For all service enquiries, please contact Colin:
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For all equipment-related enquiries, please contact Rob:
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Residential Window Cleaning

We provide safe and worry-free residential window cleaning services throughout the whole of Johannesburg.

Commercial Window Cleaning

No job is too big or small when it comes to our Commercial and Retail window cleaning services.

Water Fed Pole Equipment

A one-stop shop for all of your water-fed pole window cleaning equipment.

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